What is Timeblock®?

The timeblock® range is formulated in Wollerau, near Zurich in Switzerland, by Biosysteme AG and benefits from more than 20 years of experience in research and development in the biological and biotechnological field.

With an international network of researchers in Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Russia (the Urals), Biosysteme AG ensure optimum efficiency, speed and innovation transfer in the development of new products and technologies, such as anti-ageing supplements and patented plant-derived active ingredients.

The range is exclusively distributed by 4T Medical Ltd in the UK.

Evidence-based skin care and supplements

  • The Swiss skin care industry is reputed throughout the world for outstanding quality and innovative, prestige cosmeceuticals.
  • Inspired by botanics, timeblock® uses pure, premium-quality ingredients that are scientifically (biochemically) proven.
  • timeblock® focuses on providing a core range of products which includes skin care and anti-ageing supplements.
  • The collection of exclusively functional, effective products are formulated to target the signs of ageing, both inside and out.

Interesting facts about the skin

The largest organ in our body, the skin is particularly complex in terms of both composition and function.

The skin forms our outer barrier, protects us, carries out important metabolic functions and is able to adapt to circumstances in many ways.

Our skin has three layers, the top layer of which renews itself on average every 27 days when new cells grow from the inside. Skin renewal declines year by year, and after the age of 55 (approx.) each renewal process takes a period of 60–70 days. Collagen and elastin in our skin are responsible for forming an elastic net in the dermis and are responsible for the elasticity of our skin.

From a certain age, generally 25, the process of collagen renewal begins to slow down. In other words, collagen degenerates faster than it can be replaced. Our skin becomes limper, loses tone and vitality (wrinkles) and becomes increasingly prone to drying out. On top of this, free radicals also take their toll on our skin by constantly attacking and destroying our collagen supplies.

This results in the skin becoming drier and thinner in appearance. The interlocked structure of the skin’s different layers begins to loosen.

As the body matures (cosmetically speaking, we speak of mature skin from the age of 45), the fatty compounds that support the skin – padding it out and providing volume begin to change. It often seems as though the whole face begins to droop.

  • Since using timeblock, I not only look awake, but actually feel that way. A nice side effect, because my performance and concentration is higher. With timeblock I wake up much fresher. No more mornings with eye circles or a wrinkled face.

  • Since taking timeblock the results are undeniable. In the first two weeks of taking the supplement, my sleep patterns completely changed, and my quality of sleep has very much improved. I have more energy as a result and my mind is clearer.

  • An amazing product, that not only makes you look great outside, but also improves my health and each cell of my body.

    And best of all, it is 100% natural.

  • This day and night based formula helps me look and feel my best. I get restful sleep, smooth skin,
    and more energy during the day so that I’m always going and glowing!

where to buy timeblock®

timeblock can be purchased through carefully selected beauticians and cosmetic clinics.
To find a supplier near you visit 4T Medical –
the UK’s exclusive distributor.