timeblock® 4 Weeks Intensive Face Care

timeblock® 4 WEEKS is an intensive, high performance treatment that replaces timeblock® Day and Night care over a recommended period of 4 weeks. It contains all the ingredients from the Day Care and Night Care products and combines their beneficial properties into a highly concentrated 24-hour treatment.

4 WEEKS accelerates the skin’s natural regeneration process while protecting it from everyday environmental aggressors, allowing skin to regain its youthful firmness and radiance. Revitalised and toned, skin is left feeling velvety soft and supple.

The ideal introduction to the timeblock® range, 4 WEEKS is recommended as a primary course of treatment for over-nourished, tired and stressed skin, to help it regain its natural regenerative ability.

Our main active ingredient, Isoflavondioli  E-55 RS – EQUOL

Other formulas scarcely penetrate the top layer of the skin, or soak through all layers of the skin at such speed that they cannot possibly be effective. Equol forms a natural reservoir, releases its effect over a long period of time and has a positive influence on the optimum number of skin cells. Equol sets to work in the skin, exactly where it is needed.

  • Since using timeblock, I not only look awake, but actually feel that way. A nice side effect, because my performance and concentration is higher. With timeblock I wake up much fresher. No more mornings with eye circles or a wrinkled face.

  • Since taking timeblock the results are undeniable. In the first two weeks of taking the supplement, my sleep patterns completely changed, and my quality of sleep has very much improved. I have more energy as a result and my mind is clearer.

  • An amazing product, that not only makes you look great outside, but also improves my health and each cell of my body.

    And best of all, it is 100% natural.

  • This day and night based formula helps me look and feel my best. I get restful sleep, smooth skin,
    and more energy during the day so that I’m always going and glowing!

where to buy timeblock®

timeblock can be purchased through carefully selected beauticians and cosmetic clinics.
To find a supplier near you visit 4T Medical –
the UK’s exclusive distributor.